Big Sur – Ocean County, New Jersey

A little experience here for your day. This is Big Sur. Years ago, when I was working FT, going to school for my masters in Organizational Development & Leadership in Adult Learning, I was struggling. I had a job with a terrible boss. Life was moving too fast. I was 33. This place is where it all changed! I got pregnant bc I decided that I wanted a family – that I didn’t want to feel stressed out from a horrible job and boss. Making a choice is sometimes all we have. Big Sur gave me the head and heart space to make that change. I slowed down to a sloths pace and realized what I wanted in that moment. When I did that, everything changed. Today my son is 5 1/2. I am grate to have been home with my kids albeit a new difficult. I work as an artist. I realize that I was getting my masters in that field to understand what my gift was to give the world and how to make a living and be happy doing it. I was always an artist – I just never thought I was worthy enough. I am so glad I made the choice to begin a new path of being a mother to two small lovely children. Family is everything! Being an artist is pretty cool too;) What is your hearts desire? If I told you I was planning a retreat to get you head and heart space would you come? #pebblebeach #monterey #pebblebeachlocals #montereycounty #pebblebeachca – posted by lauren_johnson_studio

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Location: Ocean County, New Jersey