Big Sur – Big Sur, California

Out here in Big Sur this weekend…and it’s official, I’ve decided that this place holds a space just for me. I know millions come to partake in its vast and continually generous beauty, but something is here that calls me back over and over again, and I think each time I return I find that same space. The space has a way with my heart, it pulls me out of whatever current state I am in and I find what I need to release and what I ultimately need to hold. My reset button. I think we all have those places for us, and maybe mine will change thru the years, but right now, I’m here, and I brought with me a load to throw off this edge of earth into that unpredictable, wild sea…and my arms are spread wide to receive what I can and need to hold in return. .
#bigsur #esalen #release #heal #letgo #pebblebeach #monterey #pebblebeachlocals #montereycounty #pebblebeachca – posted by lialoren

Tags: release,esalen,bigsur,heal,letgo
Location: Big Sur, California

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