Big Sur, California

Nothing fills my heart so full than being in the presence of nature and its absolute beauty.
I’ve used food, exercise, shutting people out, and for a long time shopping to keep a distance from who i truly am inside, and each hour i spent overworking my body or swiping a credit card at a stuffy clothing story left me unhappier and more lost than i was before.
Putting myself in the face of beauty and the boundless vulnerability of a vast ocean or steep mountain cliff has been the only thing to call me out of all that BS i was using to hide from my reality, and force me to face who i am.
For me, nature has been awakening, humbling, and life changing, and i feel so so blessed to have discovered its light and let my heart be filled with it. 🌎✨ | #cleaneatsbytaytravels #bigsurca #monterey #bigsurlocals #montereycounty – posted by cleaneatsbytay

Tags: cleaneatsbytaytravels
Location: Big Sur, California

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