Big Sur – Los Angeles, California

Road Trip Days 5, 6 and 7: Drove from SF to LA and picked up a new friend along the way (hi Kelsey!!!). Worked out with @coryg_ at @f45_training_venice and it’s honestly the most starstruck I’ve ever been in LA (and I once met DJ Khaled in a bathroom line). Made our way down to San Diego to end our 1200 mile road trip, and celebrated by cutting the entire line at American Junkie and playing on rocks in La Jolla 🏝

During this trip, I learned that one of my UVA classmates and friends passed away unexpectedly last week. It punched me right in the gut and I’m still in disbelief. If ever there was a reminder to live every day to the fullest, this is it. And as much as I thought I was going to die on this trip – from careening off Highway 1’s winding coastline curves, or getting lost without cell service on an unlit Northern California highway, or being murdered by Amanda after I gushed about how much I love California for the 948th time (thanks for tolerating me!!), I’ve never felt more alive. Whether we were hiking up a mountain into some combination of wildfire smoke and fog, singing our lungs out to keep from going insane on our 9th hour of driving for the day, or just flirting with boys for free vodka sodas, every moment was something I’ll cherish forever. Amanda, Steff, and Kelsey, thanks so much for being the best friends I could dream of (and I’m sorry for being so sappy I think I’ve legitimately gone mad from so many hours in a car). •
Rest In Peace Katherine ❤️ I hope you know that your spirit and sparkle live on in all who were blessed to know you 🔶🔷

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Location: Los Angeles, California

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