Big Sur – Ragged Point Inn

When the stars collide
Will we die or still be alive
I’m a prisoner to theses four walls
And endless corridors
As the cityscape robs me of my galaxies
I know they’re still be there waiting for me
Distance and the shadows caress
Aid me in sight of new constellations

What if the sun never comes back around
I’m almost certain It will
And with this certainty
I can turn windows into doors
Caves in to homes 🏠
#bigsur #nature #hippie #pch1 #needanewhome #pebblebeach #monterey #pebblebeachlocals #montereycounty #pebblebeachca – posted by tripleopticmind

Tags: needanewhome,hippie,nature,pch1,bigsur
Location: Ragged Point Inn

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