Bixby Creek Bridge

I go where my heart leads me. The journey is mine, the body is mine, the decisions are mine. I am free.

I designate #Saturday as “Slo-mo Saturday”.
Slow down and go with your own flow. Observe, nature is your guide today. Do as nature does. Rise when the Sun rises, rest when the Sun dips into the clouds and slow down when the birds Stop chirping. Go into the flow of life. Remember who you are. .

The daily focus for each day of the week of the week help us move through the week with self love and enforce the weekly theme that I carefully selectet to move about each day to learn how to love ourselves and our lives and #empower ourselves to be all we can be!
For a complete listing of my calendar of themes for the year, check out my self love calendar on my website.
This week’s theme is – Make new patterns🤗 watch for the inspiration to support this week’s theme on Instagram live stories. Follow me for updates.👁🗣
Also, Look for the new the self love challenge during the month of October.
🎃 Get ready for a better life in 30 days.
Every week we will have a different theme to support this challenge and what I post on social media for blogs, Oracle reading guide and says and inspiration will be to support the challenge. Come and join the group on Facebook to share your experiences.
That moment when you realize you have been so NOT self aware, running around China to please everybody.
🙏Your daily inspiration to keep your Vibe high♥️ and bring your focus 🕹 and awareness 🎯 back to you, the master creator.🥇🧘‍♀️ @PERSPECTIVE_N_WISDOM

Manifestation = alignment💯✌ Follow me for updates!

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Tags: highvibes,keepithigh,beyou,spirituality,vibe,selfworth,empower,perspective,power,positivity,behappy,success,bigsur,passion,leadership,saturday,loveyourself,selfhelp,quotes,love,formula,happy,lifestyle,peace,selflove,personalpower,dailyadvice,decision,motivation
Location: Bixby Creek Bridge

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