Monterey, California

We’re excited about this panel, as some neurological issues might be the result of GI issues
We explore breakdown of histamines found in foods, look at individual need for probiotics, look at gluten sensitivity and celiac risk, and explore autophagy function in immune clearance of intestinal pathogens
See the indications for this panel in my stories #bigsurca #monterey #bigsurlocals #montereycounty – posted by _ouchie

Tags: gastrointestinal,genetictesting,epigenticmedicine,womeninmedicine,genetics,pateintempoweredmedicine,monterey,ouchieacupuncture,femaleentrepreneur,carmelbythesea,chronicgiissues,bigsur,chinesemedicine,acupuncture,pebblebeach
Location: Monterey, California

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